What We Do

Solis Films is equipped to handle all of your video needs. We provide story-based marketing videos for our clients. We provide stunning visuals with the latest technology to handcrafted performance direction. Whether you are looking for a big-budget commercial, indie music video, or brand identity video, Solis Films can produce excellent results

How We Do It

We always start with questions. We want to discover the core your story and then craft the visuals and performances around that. We provide skilled directors and producers partnering with experts in each aspect to ensure high quality services.


We provide the latest in video technology combined with artistic storytelling. If it’s video we do it.

Concept Creation

We will work with you to create an idea that represents who you are. We are filmmakers who love discovering ways to bring your brand to life.

Video Production

We work with crews varying in size and scale to provide camera, lighting, production design, sound, locations, transportation, and more. We support all the latest video formats including 4K.

Directed Cast

Performances are very important at Solis Films. We provide actor focused directing and prolific casting of both SAG and non-SAG productions

Social Campaigns

We know the value that video has in social media. We will help you come up with a roll out campaign that maximizes the impact of your videos

Post Production

Post is a very important part of the process. We combine stellar artists with insightful editors and involved directors to provide editing, music, motion graphics, VFX, sound mixing, export, delivery, and color correction.

Aerial Footage

We provide aerial footage in 4K resolution. We stay current with local and federal laws so you can be protected.


Animation is a fantastic way to quickly explain things, and we provide animated videos when it best suits your needs.

Freelance Support

If you are a production company looking for local support in Asheville, we have freelanced with ESPN, ABC, A&E, and numerous feature films. We can provide support for your production and local resources.

Equipment Rental

We have cameras, lights, sliders, stabilizers, sound mixing gear, and more for rent. Send us a message for our full gear list.