Over a year ago, as summer drifted south for the winter, Joshua Overbay and Andie Morgenlander wondered: At our most desperate, most lonely moments, why do we isolate ourselves further? When meaningful human connection seems continually just out of reach, what would we sacrifice to feel at home? When we have lost our way, how can we be found?

Those early conversations bloomed into an idea and now a feature film. “LUKE AND JO” explores the power and complexity of human connection and vulnerability. When “Luke” and “Jo” meet at a winter film festival, their lives are spiraling downward. As they wrestle with the demons of their choices and insecurities, they find support and solace in each other.

This film is about two characters colliding at the lowest points in their lives. Telling that story on film, however, has actually involved a lot of individuals connecting at some of the highest points in our lives. The chance to turn words into worlds and pages of a script into breathing characters — that’s magic to us.

Solis Films is thrilled to produce “LUKE AND JO” (written by Joshua Overbay and Andie Morgenlander). Directed by Joshua Overbay (“AS IT IS IN HEAVEN”), with cinematography by Producer Nathaniel Glass, the movie stars Erik Odom (“THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN — PART TWO”) as “Luke” and Andie Morgenlander as “Jo.”

We are in the process of assembling a talented Cast and Crew from across the country and around town to produce this movie in our home community of Asheville, NC. “LUKE AND JO” is an indie film with an indie-sized budget; that is to say, this story about two isolated individuals is getting made because a community is pulling together. We are so humbled and honored that Asheville artists and businesses of all kinds are joining with us to make this movie.

In the spirit of working together, we will be sharing what we learn along the way. We are excited to detail our process and give you tools to understand how to make an indie movie.

First lesson: All good stories are made together in community.