Most startup companies have a brilliant idea that they have created to make the world a better place. But hours of explaining your concepts through meetings, phone calls, emails and lengthy web copy can be exhausting and ineffective. Explainer videos are a fantastic resource for sharing your concept over and over again with a receptive audience and a clear message.

An incredible explainer video includes three key components.

1. The Complex Made Simple

The primary purpose of an explainer video is to take a huge exciting concept or idea and then make it so simple for an audience that they can understand it in a short amount of time. Explainer videos are an extremely useful tool, because they are laser focused on presenting the key components without distracting the viewer with extra features. Simple and focused is the game.

2. Visualize the Concept

Explainer videos create a visual experience for the viewer. Instead of simply hearing words or reading long lengths of text, these videos use punchy visuals, clear language, and carefully timed editing to create an instructional experience that pulls the viewer through the information as they connect the dots. A creative production company will explore opportunities to push visual boundaries to best visualize your high-concept.

3. Keep it Fun

The modern attention span shrinks by the minute. To combat this, keep your tone exciting and your energy high! It’s essential to grab the viewer in the first 10 seconds and never give them an excuse to look away. Keep it fast, light, and emotionally-driven. And above all, tell an amazing story.

At Solis Films we partner with you to create the perfect explainer video for your idea or brand. Explainer videos provide such an immense playground for creativity and fun, so let’s start the conversation today.